Charleston Pineapples A Symbol of Hospitality

Charleston has several emblems with which it is identified and make up its character.

The “Welcoming” part came in two parts here in Charleston.  The first was the seafaring captains (apparently this was done in seaport cities in Caribbean, Europe, and Colonial America) would impale fresh pineapples outside of their porches or garden gates when they returned from sea. This would let others know that the man of the house was back for a time.  He would display that he had souvenirs of his travels and was Master of the House.  From that came the idea that any home willing to welcome travelers or military during their time in Charleston; either for a warm meal or a night of boarding.  The good Christian thing to do, to be hospitable … especially if you were from an affluent family!

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Rainbow Moonlight
Rainbow Moonlight

The history, Rainbow Row, The Holy City, the beaches, the architecture, the forts, the art, the ghosts, the plantations…..on & on & on! However, the two most predominant symbols of the city are the Palmetto Tree & The Pineapple.  

Add this beautiful lamp design to any setting to make a sophisticated style statement. The table lamp features pineapple theme base with leaf details. Empire style shade with cut corners and self-trim. Comes with a 3-way socket for easy lighting control. Solid brass construction. Brass plated socket.

The pineapple is on homes, gates, gardens, entry walls – everywhere.  Pineapples are delicious and pretty – but surely that cannot be why they are a hallmark of the city.

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